Currently an international lower sixth IB geography student at Sevenoaks School, I decided to pursue my interest in geography through a blog. I come from Pakistan an LEDC country in the Asian subcontinent and having lived in foreign country such as the UAE and the UK for the last 6 years I have become interested in the issues facing our world.  I was instantly drawn to geography for the diversity of education that the subject offers its the relevance to real-world application and the interlinks between the human and physical side to the subject. In addition to my interests in geography, I have always been interested in international current affairs with a particular focus on the Middle East. Extensive travel and living in the region allowed me to explore my interests in the region and even now I try to actively follow events that take place. I hope to explore these sources on this blog as well as in school where I am currently in the process of setting up a Middle East and Africa Society. However, being an international living in the UK, I am also naturally drawn to the issues facing international students in the UK whether they are at school or university.


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